owning london

I went into a tired, annoyed, Iwanttogohomerightnow craze after my exams and tried to change my flight, but finding out it would cost a minimum of $250 to do so quickly talked me out of that.  I’ve been glad to have a few days to do a few last things, hang out with friends, try those restaurants we always meant to but never did, and figuring out how to do all my packing without exceeding the airline weight limits, and considering I have to transport 3 giant bags on and off the Tube.

Wednesday after getting some much needed rest and running a few errands, I picked up a second row (?!) ticket to this play Deathtrap I’ve wanted to see.  Then I wandered through some markets to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. I went through a “time machine” elevator by myself that started making really, really weird noises. I prepared myself for some kind of emergency evacuation before reassuring myself that this was some weirdo supposedly cool attempt of the museum.  I walked through omnibuses, horse and buggys, and trains before heading downstairs to learn all about the first metro, drive a metro car, and feel really bad about my carbon footprint at home even though I’ve taken public transportation for the past 4 months.  It was very informative, interesting, and well-done.  I forgot how much I love going to museums by myself.  Then I went on to Food for Thought, my favorite veg restaurant in Covent Garden and had the “Christmas in the Alps” special of pumpkin ravioli (how did they know?!) with some fontina and walnut sauce.  I then made one last trip through my favorite CG shops including: Urban (?), H&M (is way better here), Spitalfields, some random places, zara, and some weird place called muji. and finally to the fcuk outlet.  By then it was time to head back to the play.  I walked by some red carpet event.  I don’t know who was coming, but he/she/they was/were important.  I walked into the stalls and noticed some very weird things about the people sitting next to me in the show.  The one on the right had her watch set 15 minutes fast, took 15 minutes to get everything around her seat and herself set up so she was comfortable, turned around and gave a glare to the silly girls behind us eating candies, and even though she was about 60 had on silver nail polish.  She and her husband(?) left at the interval.  And then I ran into them afterwards walking back to my flat? Whatever. The play was great.  Jonathan Groff stars–though I didn’t really know who he was considering I don’t watch Glee, but he was amazing.  It was a comedic thriller = I laughed and screamed right after each other multiple times.  It was refreshing to be on my own and just be in London.

Yesterday I went to the Churchill War Rooms and Museum with Heather, on her last day.  It was definitely a highlight.  Many of the war rooms were closed up and only opened in the 1980s, so they’ve been preserved exactly as they were at the end of the war.  It was crazy to think about the blitz in London and the measures they/Churchill took.  I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad I did.  We enjoyed a parsnip soup in the switch room in the middle of our tour too. Then more errands and packing, and after H, Big D and I went to this Nigerian restaurant we’d been wanting to try.  It was delicious and undescribable.  I don’t really know what I ate, but it was grand.  I’ve found that a lot on this trip.

Today was more sleeping, packing, errand running, laundry doing, keys turning in, book selling, and freaking out about not being able to fly back tomorrow considering the snow that was pouring down this morning.  Luckily it’s stopped here for now, and I just saw a plane from my window heading over to Heathrow, so hopefully all will be well.

I can’t believe this journey is coming to a close.  I don’t know how I’m feeling about heading back to Chapel Hill in a few weeks.  Reverse culture shock is going to hit for sure.  I can’t wait to see my family and celebrate Christmas.  We’re heading to DC and then Montreat with UNC over break as well, so much to be excited about.  Blessings to you all in this season!  I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep this blog.  We’ll see. I might come back to it when I travel again, or I might try to continue it to keep my day-to-day life alive.  Keep your eyes open. Love, Amy


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